Believe it or not, I never planned on being a photographer, I spent the better half of my childhood on the other side of the lens. I never dreamed that I could be the one holding the camera, until my mom bought me my first “real” camera and all of the pieces fell into place. I completely fell in love with the art of photography eventually starting Skye Productions which is has now grown into Kylie Renee Studios.

With my work I try to see things through my lens that others may overlook, a slight different angle, the details, and capture moments that sometimes go unnoticed. One of the most inspiring aspects of what I do is the diversity of people that I get to work with, allowing me to grow and learn with every picture that I take. Capturing emotions and moments for my clients and then watching them live them again through my photos is truly what it is all about for me. There is no greater reward than capturing someones raw and pure emotion, whether its on their wedding day or watching their child laugh in the yard. This passion and art of mine is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Anything is possible if you love what you do and work hard enough.

So thanks Mom. After everything you have given me, you unknowingly handed me the key to my passion and allowed me to grow as an artist. Love you, Ky.